lunedì 1 luglio 2013

enrica lexie a wrong story ( long version)

an interwiew to the captain of indian fisherman ship Saint Anthony involved in a incident volving in death of two fishermen, for this incident the kerala coast guard accused two Italian Marines of San Marco that was on board of Italian Oil Tanker Enrica Lexie, but there are many shadows around this incident, are the Italian Marines guilty, thay declared to have a conflict with warning shoots with a vessel of pirates and armed people on board of that vessel, the fact reported of Italian Ship around 16' 00 indian time in 15 feb 12, in the interwiew indian captain said around 21'30

The following scenario of the events that took place on February 2012 is based on several documents now all made available available to the NIA:

1) The Italian ship Enrica Lexie is approached by a pirate boat around 4 p.m. The piarate boat aborts its attack after the military crew aboard the Lexie fires warning shots in the air and in the water;
2) Around 9.30 p.m. (as declared by the St. Anthony skipper Mr. Freddie Luis) another incident involving a cargo ship (most likely, the Greek tanker Olympic Flair) occurs; based on the Olympic Flair report of the incident it's likely that the St.Anthony remains involuntarily trapped between two fires (coming both from the Olympic Flair and the pirate boat);
3) The Indian Coast Guard informed by phone about the incident occurred at the St.Anthony, aware of the incident reported by the Enrica Lexie, but not yet of the incident involving the Olympic Flair, asks the Enrica Lexie to return to Kochi to provide more details about its earlier encounter with a pirate boat;
4) at 10.20 p.m. the Olympic Fair sends its report to the International Maritime Organization, but in the meantime everybody is focusing on the Lexie and the Greek ship sails away;
5) the following day the Indian Coast Guard, the prime minister of Kerala and, of course, the Kerala police find themselves with a docked Italian ship and a Greek ship already far away; they decide that in order to win the local elections due in a few weeks and fought on a razor-thin majority and in order to obtain some money for the fishermen the Italians are a good and weak enough prey;
6) The farcical investigation is launched: the fishermen adjust (several times) their statements in order to build a case against the Italians, while the Kerala police and the Indian Coast guard try their best to adjust the times of the different incidents to create at least some overlapping between the Enrica Lexie and the St. Anthony incidents

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